Tesla Model Y Spotted Charging Beside Ford Mach-E In The Wild


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Tesla Model Y's EV competitor in the SUV crossover segment, the Ford Mustang Mach-E, was recently spotted in Canada. The two all-electric crossovers were pictured charging side-by-side at a charging station in Waterloo, Ontario in Canda.

According to @Simotaneously, the Mach-E he spotted next to a Tesla Model Y was a test car. Ford officially started taking reservation orders for the Mustang Mach-E in the last week of June, just as Tesla was finishing its quarter-end push. 

Ford Mach E Reservation Woes

Some Mach E-reservation holders reported that dealerships have been adding US$5,00 to US$15,000 to Ford's MSRP, which starts at US$43,895. A few dealerships are charging an ADM and do not honor x-plan pricing based on a Mach-E forum.

"I called my assigned dealer to see if they would accept X-Plan. Not only NO, but they want $15,000 over MSRP! Ford customer service tells me that I can change the dealer when I complete the order online. But by ordering online, I have no way of knowing what the dealer will charge unless I have an agreement with the dealer before ordering. Does anyone know of a dealer in the San Diego area, or anywhere in Southern California, that will accept X-Plan, or at least MSRP?" wrote Paul in the forum on June 25, 2020. 


Credit: Ford

Paul's assigned dealership has contacted him again and offered him an "acceptable deal." The dealership also explained that the US$15,000 addition to the Mach E's MSRP price was a "misunderstanding" by the salesman he had talked to previously.

The Ford Mach-E's series production was scheduled to start by Fall 2020. However, the global pandemic might have pushed Ford's production plan back, according to multiple media outlets. 

Tesla Model Y Ramp

Model Y deliveries have not fully ramped yet, but Tesla already reported that the crossover was profitable in Q1 2020. 

"In Q1, we produced more Model Ys in the first quarter than Model 3s in Fremont in the first two quarters. Thus far, the Model Y ramp has been even faster than the Giga Shanghai ramp in Q1. Most surprisingly -- in other words, we are ahead of the schedule that we were ahead of already. Most surprisingly, Model Y was profitable already in its first quarter of production, something we haven't achieved with any product in the past," said Elon Musk at TSLA's Q1 2020 Earnings Call. 


Credit: Tesla

Tesla reported that it produced 75,946 and delivered 80,050 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in the second quarter. In comparison, it produced 6,326 and delivered 10,600 Model S and Model X units in the same quarter. In total, Tesla produced 82,272 cars and delivered an astounding 90,650 vehicles in Q2. Well over 50% of the deliveries were Model 3 and Model Y cars. The Model Y's impact in the second quarter will likely be known after TSLA's Q2 2020 Earnings Call. 

Tesla is taking a different approach with its Model Y delivery ramp compared to its other vehicles. The Fremont Factory will not be solely responsible for producing all Model Y vehicles. Giga Shanghai will produce the Model Y for China, and Giga Berlin will kick-off operations with Tesla's all-electric crossover, delivering them all over Europe. 

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