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Tesla Tulsa's Cybertruck Gigafactory Details Revealed After Elon Musk’s Visit To Oklahoma


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Tulsa’s bid for Tesla’s Cybertruck Gigfactory came to a head over the weekend when Elon Musk went to Oklahoma and visited the Big F—king Field, where his futuristic EV pickup could be produced. Local media outlet, News On 6, shared some details about Musk’s visit, including some information about the potential Giga Tulsa factory.

A day before the United States celebrated Independence Day, Elon Musk went to Oklahoma and met with State Governor Kevin Stitt, along with a small team of people. Elon Musk, Gov. Stitt, and a few other people went to the site that could be the location of Tesla’s Cybertruck Gigafactory—or Terafactory.

The site was indeed vast, worthy of the name “Big F—king Field,” as some people have dubbed it. According to Emory Bryan from News On 6, the field is located east of Catoosa. It is south of Highway 412, east of the Creek Turnpike, and 20 minutes away from downtown Tulsa.

The field isn’t just expansive either, it’s functional. The potential site for Tesla’s Cybertruck Gigafactory is suited for solar power and within reach of large-scale electricity. It is also not far from the airport and the Port of Catoosa.

News 9 Oklahoma authenticated some documents about Giga Tulsa that were leaked online. It revealed a render of Giga Tulsa, showing how it would look and its orientation.

Based on pictures shared by the Governor, Elon Musk enjoyed a makeshift picnic and conversation with everyone he met in Oklahoma. The meeting appeared to be more of an informal one, which Musk probably enjoyed, given his character and personality.

Speaking about the Tesla CEO, Oklahoma’s Secretary of Commerce, Sean Kouplen, said: “He’s a very good thinker and asks very probing questions and challenged us on a few of our points. And at the end of the day, we felt very good going away from the meeting.”

Despite how easy-breezy the meeting might have looked, Gov. Stitt and his team were prepared to show Elon Musk how serious Tulsa was about being the home to Tesla’s Cybertruck Gigafactory. Musk was presented with 2,700 resumes from engineers who were willing to move to Tulsa and work for Tesla if the company built its Cybertruck Gigafactory there.

Tulsa Regional Chamber Mike Neal expressed how important Tesla’s Cybertruck and Model Y Gigafactory was to the local community. “This project is a once-in-a-lifetime-type project. It’s a project and an employment opportunity and a capital investment opportunity that would be the largest in the history in the state of Oklahoma,” he said.

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