Tesla Model Y Was Bought for Police Chief of Ipswich, Michigan to Further Town’s Green Energy Initiatives

Tesla Model Y Was Bought for Police Chief of Ipswich, Michigan to Further Town’s Green Energy Initiatives

The city of Ipswich, Michigan is buying electric vehicles to further its green energy initiatives. The city's fleet was supplemented by Tesla Model Y, which will be used as a police vehicle by the chief of police.

Town Manager Anthony Marino and Police Chief Paul Nikas report that the City of Ipswich has acquired a new Tesla Model Y police vehicle. The purchase aims to increase the city's green energy use and reduce the overall municipal carbon footprint.

The new Model Y will be used by Chief Nikas to perform administrative functions related to his position. Tesla will replace the 2011 Ford Taurus, which was due to be replaced this year according to the town’s Capital Plan. Model Y will be the sixth electric vehicle purchased by the city following the announcement of a plan to replace municipal gasoline vehicles with electric vehicles.

Tesla Model Y's cost has been offset by a grant of $10,000 from the Ipswich Electric Light Department (ELD) and a grant of $4,290 from the Green Community Program. Thanks to the grants, taxpayer costs have been reduced and the purchase price for Model Y will cost only $39,000, which is comparable to the gas-fueled vehicle options and slightly less than the amount budgeted by the town.

City officials estimate Tesla will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 87% compared to a gasoline car and expects to save up to $13,000 in fuel and maintenance costs over 10 years. Beyond that, the city also expects electric police vehicles to benefit community health, as gas cruisers often sit idle for long periods of time.

Prior to this purchase, the Ipswich authorities had already purchased five electric vehicles. ELD estimates that electric vehicles have reduced operating and maintenance costs by several thousand dollars and cut gasoline consumption by about 1,000 gallons. Also, the city authorities have installed two charging stations for electric vehicles. As funding opportunities emerge, it is planned to continue to increase the number of charging stations.

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