Tesla Model Y Is Australia’s 3rd Best-Selling Car in September, Setting New Sales Record

Tesla Model Y Is Australia’s 3rd Best-Selling Car in September, Setting New Sales Record

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Tesla Model Y became the 3rd best-selling car in Australia, setting a new sales record. Tesla cars also continue to form the EV market in the country, accounting for two-thirds of their sales.

Tesla sales continue to have a significant impact on the Australian car market. While Toyota's sales fell 25.5% in September, Tesla's sales continue to skyrocket, setting new records. In September, as in August, overall sales increased with Tesla catching up deliveries to Australian customers thanks to its Giga Shanghai in China.

Following a strong August, Tesla sold 5,969 vehicles in Australia in September. This was the best monthly sales result on record and nearly double the previous best result of 3,397 vehicles in August. This performance ranked Tesla as the seventh best-selling brand in the country in September.

The Tesla Model Y compact SUV accounted for 4,359 units of the total Tesla sales, or 73%. This made it Australia's best-selling SUV, smashing the competition. However, this is not the only achievement. Delivering such a high number of vehicles, Model Y was the third best-selling vehicle in the country in September. Model Y was surpassed by Toyota Hi-Lux with 5,170 sold and Ford Ranger with 4,890, pickup trucks that are very popular with Australians. Behind Model Y with 4,359 units and in fourth place was Mazda CX-5 with 2,439 sales, followed by Mitsubishi Triton with 2,319.

1 Toyota Hi-Lux 5,170
2 Ford Ranger 4,890
3 Tesla Model Y 4,359
4 Mazda CX-5 2,439
5  Mitsubishi Triton 2,319

Tesla delivered 14,023 vehicles to Australia in the first nine months of 2022, already exceeding its own total for all of 2021, when 12,094 vehicles were delivered. However, there are still three months left in the year, which means there is still time to hit the entire Australian market, and perhaps even achieve a stronger result in the overall list.

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