Source: Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model Y to Start Delivery in China this Monday, January 18

by Eva Fox January 15, 2021

Source: Tesla Giga Shanghai-Made Model Y to Start Delivery in China this Monday, January 18

Photo: Uncle Little/TeslaChina forum

The first Tesla Model Ys will be delivered to early bookers early next week, marking the official launch of the electric SUV in China.

The first deliveries of the China-made Model Y will take place on Monday, January 18, sources familiar with the matter told Tesmanian. At 9:00 am, a unified delivery ceremony will take place in several large cities across the country, and Model Y will be handed over to the first owners. This event will mark the official launch of the model in China's market, and will become a new round in the development of Tesla in the country.

At the moment, China is one of the main Tesla markets in the world and, according to analysts, in the future, the country could account for about 40% of all Tesla's sales. Giga Shanghai continues to increase production at a rapid pace, and in 2021 may reach a capacity of 500,000 units. According to several industry insiders, Giga Shanghai plans to produce about 550,000 EVsthis year, including 300,000 Model 3s and 250,000 Model Ys. Tesla's factory has issued ordering requirements to core component suppliers.

At the end of December, Giga Shanghai began mass production of the China-made Model Y. Over the past month, we saw hundreds of the electric SUVs on the territory of the factory, which were later delivered to various parts of China. Tesla is now continuing to produce vehicles to begin delivery to customers as soon as possible. Drone videos show hundreds of Model Ys in the factory parking lot, ready to ship.

Source: WU WA/YouTube

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