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Army of Tesla Model Y Show Up at Giga Shanghai in Preparation for Delivery + RHD Model 3 for Export

Army of Tesla Model Y Show Up at Giga Shanghai in Preparation for Delivery + RHD Model 3 for Export

Photos: WU WA/YouTube

Giga Shanghai continues to ramp up production of the Model Y, which is due to begin shipping in China this month, and hundreds of vehicles are ready. The factory also continues to develop in a different direction, starting production of Model 3 right-hand drive, which are starting to load for shipment.

The latest video, captured by drone operator WU WA/YouTube, shows Tesla is ready for the first deliveries of Model Y, due to start this month. Hundreds of vehicles have flooded the parking lot waiting to be loaded. On January 12, Tesla China VP Grace Tao wrote on Weibo that the first deliveries of the China-made Model Y will begin in January, and will be rolled out gradually, which means that the first customers will soon receive their highly anticipated vehicles. Tesla is currently continuing to build vehicles in order to start shipping as soon as possible.

In addition to Model Ys, hundreds of Model 3s were seen in the parking lot and at the Supercharger, wrapped in a protective film. This indicates that these vehicles are manufactured for export. Tesla produced 7,000 Model 3s in the fall of 2020, which were exported to Europe, however, this time, the company intends to ship them to other countries.

These Model 3s have been observed to have right-hand drive, which means they can be shipped to countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand, or even the UK. Up to this point, right-hand drive cars were only produced at the Fremont factory, and took a long time to ship them to the above countries. Sending cars from China to these countries should significantly save time and money on this.

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