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Tesla Model Y Wins Crushing Victory in Norway, Outselling Next 5 Competitors Combined in 4 Months of 2023

Tesla Model Y Wins Crushing Victory in Norway, Outselling Next 5 Competitors Combined in 4 Months of 2023

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According to the results of sales in Norway for the four months of 2023, Tesla Model Y receives a crushing victory. The electric SUV outsold the five closest competitors combined, once again cementing its status as the best-selling vehicle in the country.

Norway is the country with the highest adoption rate for electric vehicles. In fact, here the competition is only among electric vehicles, and cars with internal combustion engines make up only about 10% of the car market. Meanwhile, about 83% of the market share falls on pure electric vehicles, and about 7% on plug-in hybrids. However, the data may vary from month to month, albeit with relatively little fluctuation.

Like the previous months of 2023, Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in the country in April, regardless of powertrain type. April brought no surprises and the electric SUV once again took first place with 918 sales. Volkswagen ID.4 was in second place with 573 units and the ID.BUZZ was third with 525.

Cumulative sales data for the period from January to April look similar. However, they emphasize the crushing superiority of Tesla Model Y over any other player in the market. Tesla registered 9,624 Model Ys, more than the combined sales of its nearest five competitors. In second place, with 1,897 sales, is Volkswagen ID.4. This is more than five times less than Model Y sales. In third place is Toyota BZ4X with 1,876 units sold. Volvo sold 1,738 XC40s and finished fourth. In fifth place is Volkswagen ID.3 with 1,614 sales.

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