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Tesla Model Y Wins the 2022 People's Favorite Award in Norway

Tesla Model Y Wins the 2022 People's Favorite Award in Norway


Tesla Model Y is Norway's most loved electric car, according to sales figures. In addition, Model Y won the 2022 People's Favorite Award in Norway in a competition hosted by DinSide, Dagbladet, and Elbil24.

In the competition hosted by DinSide, Dagbladet, and Elbil24 have identified the new People's Favorite Award winner. Undoubtedly it was Tesla Model Y, sales of which started there just over three months ago. According to the data, almost 20 percent of the Norwegians' 30,637 votes went to the compact crossover, which received the highest scores of all. With 5,975 votes, Model Y overwhelms the South Korean Kia EV6 (3,061 votes) and Ioniq 5 (2,600 votes). Given the new win, three of the four Tesla models available for sale received People's Favorite Awards: Model S in 2014, Model 3 in 2020 and now Model Y.

Model Y is easy to drive, has a spacious interior, and high capacity for luggage. In addition, Tesla offers a number of practical solutions that make car ownership even better. For example, the Tesla charging network allows owners to easily move around the country without thinking about various applications, payment pages, and chips for charging.

Registration data to date make it clear that Model Y is the undisputed favorite of Norwegian buyers. As of the end of November, 5,931 units have been sold. This sales figure brings the car—having only been sold for just over three months of the year—into third place amongst all EVs sold in 11 months of 2021. Additionally, in August, September, and November, Model Y was the best-selling EV. Undoubtedly, the vehicle would become the best-selling car in October, but because deliveries to the country do not occur monthly, the cars simply were not available for delivery to consumers that month.

“We live off satisfied customers. This award is a confirmation that we are succeeding. We would like to thank everyone who voted for our car. Tesla will continue to work to be able to deliver even better to our customers in Norway,” Sandvold said Roland.

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