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Tesla Collaborates with Exco to Develop Giga Press

Tesla Collaborates with Exco to Develop Giga Press

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Tesla continues to strengthen its relationship with Canadian professionals and companies. Exco Technologies Limited, which designs and develops dies, molds, assemblies, and castings for automotive customers, said that it is working with Tesla to develop Giga Press.

Giga Press is a unique machine that has given Tesla a great competitive advantage. The machine casts a one-piece front and rear end for Model Y construction, which offers significant advantages both in production and in the performance of the vehicle. Canadian company Exco Technologies Limited said it is partnering with Tesla to develop Giga Press, according to a statement from its CEO, Darren Kirk, on Thursday during its earnings call.

Up to this point, it was known that Tesla had been working with IDRA to develop Giga Press. The machines created in this collaboration have already been installed at the manufacturer's factories in the USA and Germany. It has now become known that the leader in electric vehicle manufacturing is working with other companies to develop these giant machines.

During the Q3 2021 Earnings Call, Kirk said Exco will continue to benefit from the increasing size in the complexity of die-cast aluminum components. He announced that the Castool division is already the main supplier of all shot and tooling for Tesla's Giga Presses globally. Kirk also said he expects to further develop Exco's relationship with Tesla, especially with regard to Gigafactory Texas and Gigafactory Berlin.

“One key trend that will continue to benefit Exco is the increasing size in complexity of die-cast aluminum components. Tesla has really pushed the envelope on this front using massive Giga Presses, which are much larger die-cast machines than those used previously. This enabled Tesla to cast entire subframes of the vehicle in one shot with Giga castings, rather than assemble numerous stamped metal components in the body shop, creating significant space and manufacturing efficiency gains. The tooling required to facilitate this process is very large and extremely complex, limiting the number of players able to compete effectively. Our Castool division is already the primary supplier of all shot and tooling for Tesla's Giga Presses globally. This provides a clear indication of the depth we have in the design and know-how required to meet the challenges of the industry. We expect traditional OEMs will follow Tesla’s lead in using these larger die-cast machines as they transition to an EV future.”

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