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Tesla Model Y Is Updated with 64GB Flash Memory and New Steering Wheel

Tesla Model Y Is Updated with 64GB Flash Memory and New Steering Wheel

Tesla listens to the wishes of its customers, which is why their cars are constantly improving, whether through software updates or physical changes in the car. Tesla recently refreshed Model 3 with a number of very interesting, practical, and necessary improvements. Now some of the new changes are also spotted in new Model Ys.

Drive Tesla Canada reports that the compact SUV received auto-dimming side mirrors, which were recently installed on Model 3. According to the owners, the replacement took place on vehicles that had a VIN of around 65XXX.

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Also, from the latest deliveries, Model Y also features an updated steering wheel, just like Model 3. The steering wheel now includes new metal scroll wheels. But, while the heated steering wheel was not detected, there is always the hope that this feature will be included in one of the next software updates.

Recently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about the new holiday update, which will include many things that customers asked for, as well as many that they did not even know they wanted. Though, this is just a guess based only on, well,  guesswork.

Source: Chad S /Facebook

In addition, the refreshed Model Y, as well as Model 3, received a 64GB USB Drive in the glove box. The built-in video recorder function has been active in Tesla's cars for a long time now. The car uses cameras installed in the body to continuously record what is happening on the road while driving, as well as space around the vehicle when Sentry Mode is activated. The recordings include a 360-degree view around the car. But until now, the system had a drawback: to watch the video, it must first be copied to a specially formatted USB drive. Of course, this caused some difficulty for owners. Now, this issue has been resolved.

Also, @klwtts/Twitter reports that a 128GB USB Drive is now available in the Tesla store, priced at $35.

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