Tesla Model Ys Flood Nanjing China DMV, Await Registration

Tesla Model Ys Flood Nanjing China DMV, Await Registration

Photo: @JayinShanghai/Twitter

The Nanjing Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is flooded with Tesla Model Ys awaiting registration. Significant growth in the number of the electric SUV’s registrations is associated with the entry into the market of its cheapest variant, Standard Range, which is extremely popular.

Tesla Model Y registrations in China continue to grow, and the situation at Nanjing DMV bears witness to this. The dozens of Tesla SUVs produced by Giga Shanghai, which are visible in the video, are the best confirmation that their number on the roads of the country is steadily growing.

@JayinShanghai/Twitter shared a video of dozens of Model Ys waiting to receive a license plate. It should be kept in mind that the video shows cars at a particular moment in time and during the day their number is much higher. Since the number of registrations has traditionally increased significantly in China in the last month of the quarter, it can be expected that tens of thousands of Model Ys could be registered in December. Tesla has significantly optimized manufacturing processes on its Model Y assembly lines at Giga Shanghai in recent months, achieving high productivity.

Among other things, this influx of Model Y registrations is due to the fact that Tesla began selling the Standard Range version, which made Model Y available to a wider range of consumers. The release of cheaper versions of cars has always caused a rapid increase in orders.

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