Tesla Model Ys Join Toronto Yorkdale Shopping Center Fleet

Tesla Model Ys Join Toronto Yorkdale Shopping Center Fleet

Photo: Yorkdale Shopping Center

Three Tesla Model Ys have joined the fleet of Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Center, becoming a good free advertisement for the manufacturer. The vehicles are used by the mall's security department and employees are very pleased with their functionality.

Tesla vehicles are highly popular in Canada as the country strives for carbon neutrality, and the responsible and conscientious population supports this. They have proven themselves to be ideal vehicles for both daily use by people and for use as service vehicles. In addition to high performance, Tesla cars require virtually no maintenance costs, and charging them with electricity is several times cheaper than refueling cars with internal combustion engines. Therefore, in addition to significant environmental benefits, the electric vehicles of the Texas-based manufacturer bring big savings.

Toronto's Yorkdale Shopping Center, located in Ontario, has also taken a step towards a clean future with favorable terms, adding three Tesla Model Y Long Range cars to its fleet, Drive Tesla Canada reports. They have come into the service of the mall's security department and are already making a difference. The Model Ys were purchased last year and received before the harsh Canadian winter, so they have already been tested during cold weather. Security said the electric SUVs have performed well over the past few months and have had no issues keeping warm and running. In addition, they noted that the cars have enough space to store their equipment.

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