Tesla NACS Included in Blink's Next-Gen Chargers

Tesla NACS Included in Blink's Next-Gen Chargers

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Tesla NACS is included in next-generation chargers from charger manufacturer, Blink. The new charger tech was teased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 and is in the final stages of design.

Blink Charging Co., a manufacturer, owner, operator, and supplier of electric vehicle (EV) chargers, announced today that a new 240kW DC fast charger will be available soon. This will be the latest fast charging solution in global markets. The compact charging station is designed for speed and flexibility to quickly charge all electric vehicles. It has included NACS and CCS connectors to meet changing market needs and support the development of a reliable, convenient, and affordable EV charging infrastructure.

The move came after Ford, GM, and a number of other charging equipment manufacturers adopted NACS. This also became possible after Tesla opened the design of its charger to all companies in 2022. Previously, Tesla owners could not charge at non-Superchargers without an adapter. After the launch of the changes, owners of the manufacturer's vehicles will have wide access to the charging infrastructure in the United States.

The 240kW Blink DCFC, which incorporates new silicon carbide technology and added NACS, was unveiled at CES 2023. Currently, the new charger is in the final stages of completion. After this final design phase, the charger prototype will be submitted for UL certification.

“As development is well underway, we are excited to be bringing this new, innovative charger to market and to continue to offer a diverse product portfolio, regardless of connector type, that addresses global demand,” said Brendan Jones, President and Chief Executive Officer for Blink Charging. “Given recent announcements by Tesla, GM, and Ford, we are clearly witnessing the continued evolution of the EV charging industry as technologies advance and industry stakeholders come together and evaluate best practices. We are excited by the increasing interest in our sector and are prepared to support all moves to increase EV adoption.”

“The development and installation of DC fast chargers continue to grow,” added Jones. “The technology is ideal for highway use or when drivers need the convenience of a faster charge time to keep on schedule. Our new Blink DC Fast Charger, providing both CCS and NACS connectors, is the perfect solution for any EV on the market.”

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