Tesla New Vehicle Sales In Taiwan Now Kicking In With Plaid Mode

Tesla New Vehicle Sales In Taiwan Now Kicking In With Plaid Mode

Currently, the world is engulfed in the fight against COVID-19, which also influenced large automobile production around the world. The main production lines were stopped, which led to a reduction in production.

But, in Taiwan, the new car market is relatively stable. U-Car reports that 37,279 vehicles were registered in March, an increase of 36.3% compared with February. Sales of various brands have different growth indicators, but the most attractive among them is Tesla, which registered 1517 car sales in March.

The American automaker's sales spiked 14-fold, compared with February, thanks to stable sales of Model 3. This allowed the most popular Tesla car to take 4th place in the ranking of Taiwan's best-selling cars, selling 1293 units.

Source: U-Car

Tesla is also the first electric car to hit the top 5, demonstrating that electric cars have become a new trend that cannot be ignored in the future. Tesla's sales in March surpass even the German brands BMW and Volkswagen.

In the ranking of imported luxury brands, the Tesla Model 3 took 1st place, ahead of Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Volvo and BMW.


Source: U-Car

 With the advent of Tesla, 2020 will be a critical moment for the development of domestic electric vehicles in Taiwan. Tesla is actively increasing its sales, which also undermines the credibility of popular brands in the country, such as Volvo and Audi.

The Californian automaker has just announced the number of vehicle production and deliveries for the Q1 2020. Even in conditions of production shutdown and the ongoing epidemic of COVID-19, Tesla was able to deliver 88,400 vehicles, which is the strongest Q1 in its entire history.

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