Tesla Is A Touchdown Among NFL Players, And It's Just Getting Started


It appears that Tesla's reputation as the quintessential "cool cars" among the entertainment and sports industry's most prominent personalities is spreading. Just ask the football stars from the Kansas City Chiefs and 49ers, who were recently interviewed by CNBC in its "Ask the Athletes" segment. As it turned out, a number of both teams' players are huge Tesla fans, and a good number of them are very familiar with the company's technologies such as Autopilot.

The CNBC segment was less than a minute long, but it provided a hint at just how familiar NFL players are with the electric car maker and its vehicles. Quite surprisingly, many who were interviewed mentioned the company's tech, with a good number of players remarking that Teslas are notable for their Autopilot capabilities. One even mentioned that he saw a Tesla move on its own in a parking lot, a possible reference to a Smart Summon maneuver. 

Yet, if there is one statement that stuck out, it was the mention that a lot of NFL players still own trucks even if they have Teslas. This poses an excellent opportunity for the Elon Musk-led company, as well as its upcoming rough-and-tough vehicle, the Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck was revealed November last year, and it caused such a furor online thanks to its design and its unveiling that the vehicle lives on in memes even until today. 

But beyond the Cybertruck's brutalist design lies a vehicle that is so different and potentially superior to traditional pickups that it will likely be the go-to "tough" vehicle in the coming years. A look at the way the car was portrayed as the hero car in Travis Scott's new music video provides a little hint of this. With this in mind, and coupled with its relatively affordable price compared to rivals such as the Rivian R1T, the Cybertruck may very well be a big hit among professional athletes like NFL players. Its size alone is perfect, as even the league's toughest linebackers would likely find the Cybertruck's expansive cabin very comfortable. 

It's important to note that Tesla gets a lot of airtime through segments such as these, and the company does not pay a single advertising dollar for it. As pointed out in a previous Tesmanian report, Tesla is a bit unique in the way that it doesn't need to advertise to persuade the public that its vehicles are cool.

The company makes cool cars, and it gains loyal customers because of it. Based on the recent CNBC segment, it appears that a good number of these loyal customers happen to be professional football players. 

Considering Tesla's upcoming vehicles, the next few years, will likely see the company becoming even more popular among celebrities and influencers. 

Featured Image Credit: CNBC

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