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Tesla Offers Giga Texas-Made Model Y SR & LR to In-State Customers for Accelerated Delivery

Tesla Offers Giga Texas-Made Model Y SR & LR to In-State Customers for Accelerated Delivery

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Tesla is offering the Giga Texas-made Model Y to customers in Texas for accelerated delivery. Consumers can choose the basic version or Long Range and take delivery within 1 to 3 weeks. This was the first official confirmation that the factory had begun producing the Model Y Long Range.

Tesla contacted their customers in Texas via an email, which was seen by Tesmanian, with an interesting offer. Residents of the state can order the Giga Texas-made Model Y and get accelerated delivery. The company offered the compact SUV with a standard range of 279 miles, starting at $61,990. Such an offer was first available in mid-May and since then, some residents of the state have already accepted delivery.

This time, in addition to the basic version, Texans can order and receive the long-awaited Long Range. The email was the first official confirmation that Giga Texas had started building this version of the car. According to the information, the Austin-made Model Y has a range of 330 miles and starts at $65,990. All proposed cars have a black interior and 5 seats. According to the information, delivery will be made very quickly, namely within 1 to 3 weeks after the order. The offer described is exclusive to Texas residents only.

“Tesla is offering two types of Tesla Ys for accelerated delivery. A standard range with 279 mile range - $61,990 base price, and the Long Range with 330 mile range - $65,990 base price. These are manufactured out of our Texas Giga factory in Austin Texas. Both types of Ys are black interior and 5 seat. Performance is not available from Austin. To order go to and click on Order Now and order Model Y Long Range. Tesla is focused on deliveries, and it will likely be middle of July before they offer test drives. Austin Tesla Ys with accelerated delivery are currently being offered to Texas residents only. When Tesla offers accelerated delivery to customers with orders, then delivery is in 1-3 weeks.”

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