Tesla Officially Opens Its First V4 Supercharger Station, More Coming Soon

Tesla Officially Opens Its First V4 Supercharger Station, More Coming Soon

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Tesla officially opens its first V4 Supercharger station, which is located in the Netherlands. This location is currently only tested by Tesla vehicles. More V4 Superchargers with access for all EVs are coming soon across Europe.

After two weeks of observing the construction of Tesla's first V4 Supercharger station, it has finally entered service. On Wednesday, the company announced on its Twitter account that the new charging station located in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, is now officially open. The location has 16 stalls.

Tesla said that the Supercharger station in Harderwijk is currently only open to owners of the company's vehicles. The manufacturer seeks to test it first and evaluate its performance. After testing is over, the Supercharger station will be open to all electric vehicles. In addition, Tesla said that other V4 Superchargers will soon be available across Europe, which will also be available to owners of all electric vehicles.

The charging power of the V4 Supercharger is stated at 250 kW. However, there is no information on whether this is the power limit. Many expected that the new generation of Tesla charging stations would have a power of 350 kW. The charging piles have an extended charging cable to make charging accessible to all electric vehicles, no matter where the charging port is located. In addition, the piles of the V4 Supercharger have a different look. Now they are taller and have a solid body, without a an open space inside, as with previous versions.

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