Tesla Adds Paid Option to Install Electric Tailgate for all Model 3 in Chinese Market

by Eva Fox February 17, 2022

Tesla Adds Paid Option to Install Electric Tailgate for all Model 3 in Chinese Market

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Tesla has added the option of installing an electric tailgate for all Model 3 sold in the Chinese market. The modernization has a very reasonable cost and is affordable for owners.

Starting in 2021, Model 3 and Model Y models built at Tesla's Shanghai plant are already equipped with a power tailgate. This innovation was a great addition to the cars of the company, which is constantly improving them. Newer vehicles are always equipped with more modern equipment, but owners of older Tesla vehicles in China can now also get this upgrade.

On Tuesday, the manufacturer announced that it has begun offering its customers the option of installing a power tailgate for those who purchased the vehicle without it. According to the report, this upgrade costs 3,980 yuan, which is equal to about $630. Such a cost is justified and quite affordable, given the fact that a car that was produced without this convenient feature will now get it.

According to Tesla, owners who want a power tailgate can directly contact the company's local service centers and leave their requests there. After installing an electric actuator on the tailgate, Tesla owners will receive a three-year service warranty. Upon completion of the modernization, users will have access to tailgate control from the center console.

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