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Tesla Strikes Deal for Supply of Copper Foil for 4680 Batteries with South Korean Solus

by Eva Fox February 17, 2022

Tesla Strikes Deal for Supply of Copper Foil for 4680 Batteries with South Korean Solus

Image: Tesla

The production of 4680 Tesla battery cells requires a large amount of materials, so the manufacturer has been looking for suppliers for the past two years. The company entered into a deal with South Korean Solus Advanced Materials for the supply of copper foil for the production of battery cells at Giga Texas, which began execution in January 2022, according to sources.

South Korean company Solus Advanced Materials began supplying battery copper foil to Tesla in January 2022, becoming the country's first battery materials manufacturer to sell directly to the world's largest electric vehicle maker. KedGlobal reported that, according to its source, Tesla is using Solus products for the 4680 battery introduced in 2020. The source says the South Korean manufacturer is supplying copper foil to Tesla's battery factory at Giga Texas and Solus can meet 70% of the US manufacturer's battery needs.

During the Q4 2021 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the company had already begun production of the 4680 battery-powered Model Y at Giga Texas. Deliveries of the electric crossover SUV will begin shortly, after final certification.

Solus is also expected to be able to supply copper foil to Tesla's factory in Europe, which should also begin production soon. The South Korean company has a battery copper foil plant in Hungary, which could be a very important factor.

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