Tesla Superchargers Are Opening to Other EVs, a Natural Next Step in Company’s Mission

Tesla Superchargers Are Opening to Other EVs, a Natural Next Step in Company’s Mission

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For several months Tesla has been talking about opening its branded Supercharger network for all EVs. Now this is being implemented, as today the company has allowed all EVs to be charged on their Superchargers. The move underlines Tesla's commitment to achieving its mission and supports the global shift to electric vehicles.

Non-Tesla EV owners in the Netherlands will be some of the first to charge on the company’s proprietary Superchargers. Per Twitter user @jgrano305 on November 1:


The first Tesla Superchargers open to non Tesla vehicles will begin in the Netherlands!”

Additionally, users may have a €12.99/mo membership option to the charging service.

At the end of December 2020, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that "Tesla Superchargers are being made accessible to other electric cars," indicating that, even at that time, some other EVs besides Teslas could already be charged on the company’s Superchargers. In March 2021, several Tesmanian sources confirmed that the company would allegedly open Superchargers for third-party electric vehicles, and other EV owners would simply need an adapter and Tesla App to do this.

Musk announced in late July that the company would open its Supercharger Network to other EVs later this year. He made it clear that their opening will take place gradually in different countries. During the Earnings Call for Q2 2021, he talked about how it would work. EV owners will be able to download the Tesla App and use a Supercharger by simply specifying which stall they are in. That is, users would connect their car, go into the application and activate the stall, and indicate how much electricity is needed to charge. Musk added that this should basically work with cars from any manufacturer.

If the car's charging speed is very slow, then these owners will pay more, because the biggest limitation with Superchargers is how long the stall is occupied. In addition, the company plans to use electricity smarter at its Supercharger, so charging during rush hour will be more expensive. There are times when Superchargers are empty, and times when they are busier and there is a queue. So it makes sense to have "some time-based discrimination," Musk said.

He also noted that Europe, China, and most countries in the world have the same charging connector for all electric vehicles, so it is quite easy to open access to the Superchargers. A special adapter will be needed to use the Superchargers with other EVs in North America, which can be purchased. The company intends to equip its chargers with such adapters, hoping that people will not steal them.

This is now becoming a reality and owners of electric vehicles of any manufacturer can charge at Tesla Superchargers, which should significantly improve the experience of using their vehicle.

Musk has always been committed to helping the world move towards sustainable energy, and electric cars have become a big part of that plan. In an effort to achieve a global goal, as soon as the Tesla Supercharger network becomes wide enough, it will be open not only to other manufacturers, but to people who own EVs and strive to change the climate situation by purchasing those cars.

This once again demonstrates Musk's commitment to helping the world. His plans and goals have always been focused on long-term prospects. This is why Musk still remains deeply misunderstood by those who cannot think globally and look into the future, foreseeing problems and trying to solve them—or at the very least, sincerely striving to better understand them.

During the Earnings Call for Q2 2021, Musk said that Tesla's goal is "to support the advent of sustainable energy, it is not to create a walled garden and use that to bludgeon our competitors, which is sometimes used by some companies." That is why Superchargers must be open to all EVs.

The head of the company said that it is clear that in order for Superchargers to be useful for the cars of other automakers, Tesla needs to expand the network faster than they increase the production of cars, and this is not an easy task. However, since this is the company's goal, they will do their very best to achieve it.

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