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Tesla Opens Citizens Information Office in Grünheide

by Eva Fox January 15, 2020

Tesla Opens Citizens Information Office in Grünheide

Tesla wants to improve its information policy before building the planned plant near Berlin, for this the company is ready for dialogue.

This Thursday, the company opens an information office in Grünheide, in the Oder-Spree area, to answer questions from citizens. Brandenburg Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach confirmed that the municipality was informed accordingly. He stated in the economic committee of the parliament that there is an opportunity for dialogue.

Last weekend, several dozen residents held a peaceful protest against deforestation for the alleged Tesla plant. “I hope that with this office of citizens, the situation will also improve a bit,” Steinbach said. In the information office on the market square Grünheide, residents and interested citizens will have the opportunity to ask their questions about the planned construction project of the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg.

According to Brandenburg's Minister of Economics, there is a “constant opportunity for dialogue” with the information office on behalf of Tesla.

According to the municipality of Grünheide in the Oder-Spree district, the office of citizens will open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 pm to 7 pm from January 16 to February 4.

Source: #Gf4 #Gigafactory4/Twitter

Gigafactory Berlin will occupy a total area of ​​380,000 square meters. The German press agency reported a few days ago that it needed a little less than 41 million euros. The main production building will have a length of 744 meters and a width of 312 meters. When it is completed, up to 500,000 Model 3 and Model Y series cars will be produced there annually. For this, about 12,000 new jobs will be created. The Gigafactory will initially produce about 150,000 cars a year.

The Tesla Council has not yet signed a sales contract with the country. Steinbach said Tesla should do this by the end of this week. He expects the site to be ready for construction in mid-March after clearing 90 hectares of low-quality forest. A 300-hectare site is currently searching for ammunition from World War II. The land, for the future Tesla factory, in the municipality of Grünheide, is already defined as an industrial zone.

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Featured image: dpa/Monika Skolimowska

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