Tesla Opens First Store in Mississippi, Expanding Access to Buying EVs Across the US

Tesla Opens First Store in Mississippi, Expanding Access to Buying EVs Across the US

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Tesla opens its first store in Mississippi, expanding access to EV purchases across the US. The new location will complement the manufacturer's service center in Pearl.

Tesla has finally expanded to Mississippi, where you can now get personal advice from a company employee in purchasing the manufacturer's products. On Saturday, a grand opening ceremony was held to mark the opening of the first store in the state, which is located in Brandon, according to the Mississippi News. With the opening of the store, Mississippi residents have more access to a selection of electric vehicles, which should be of particular interest to them, since the vehicles are made in the USA by American workers. In addition, the state has become more advanced and now offers more jobs in the green industry.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was joined by many locals who were delighted with the beauty of the cars. “It's beautiful. It's so beautiful,” said Ridgeland-based Zara Noe. Guests were able to test Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y, and watch Model X's signature dance. “I didn't think I could come in being a big guy, but it felt good. I put down the windows and everything,” said Rankin County neighbor, Tony Adams.

Local developer RCI and Trihelm Properties worked together to bring Tesla to Brandon. Trihelm Properties co-owner Adam Savage said that when he and some others were brainstorming businesses that might move into the property, Tesla came up as pie-in-the-sky jesting.

“We were kind of pot-shotting stuff, wondering who is the best tenant you could get in here. When Telsa was mentioned, there was a chuckle,” Savage said, according to the Clarion Ledger. “I found someone online and sent them an email. The next thing I know they are flying out here to look at the property.”

Tesla took over the 25,000-square-foot building and associated property. “Working with Tesla has been very interesting,” Savage said. “They have a lot of super intelligent people, and the way that they operate is totally different than the typical big company. It’s been fun.”

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