Tesla Opens First Showroom in Puerto Rico in Continued Global Expansion

Tesla Opens First Showroom in Puerto Rico in Continued Global Expansion

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Tesla opened its first showroom in Puerto Rico as a part of continued global expansion. Customers will now be able to look closely at the company's products, including cars, solar panels, and energy storage systems, before placing an order. Delivery of cars, as before, will take place at the Tesla service center.

Tesla's first showroom in Puerto Rico greeted consumers on December 2. Its doors swung open at the Plaza Las Américas mall in San Juan, El Nuevo Día reports via CleanTechnica. The showroom covers an area of ​​2,500 square feet and will help customers learn more about the products that Tesla has to offer.

The store presents Model Y and Model 3, as well as Tesla Powerwall. Here consumers can get information about the company's vehicles, solar panels, and home energy storage systems. “It will give you the opportunity to get to know the car, because many people still don't know what Tesla is. When people are in the Plaza, they go there and find that they can order a car online and choose it according to their liking. They tune and finish it. They can choose the design, color, model and range they want,” explained Javier Rodríguez, president of the Tesla Owners Club in Puerto Rico.

Rodríguez explained that it will be possible to get acquainted with the company's products in the showroom, however, delivery, as before, will take place at the service center at 381 Calle Juan Calaf, San Juan. The company's service center went through a series of difficulties and received permission to open only about one year ago. Tesla Puerto Rico LLC was registered in the corporate register of the State Department in November 2017.

“They are picking up (the cars) right now. You have to wait two, four, five or six months, depending on the model. If you go to the Tesla website, they tell you how long it will take to be available,” Rodríguez said.

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