Tesla Opens Longest Supercharger Route in China, Covering Over 3,000 miles

by Eva Fox June 23, 2021

Tesla Opens Longest Supercharger Route in China, Covering Over 3,000 miles

Photo: Tesla

Tesla Superchargers have always been a strong competitive advantage for the company. The manufacturer strives to install them worldwide as quickly as possible, with an especially strong focus on the countries that are its largest sales markets. Tesla has unveiled the longest route of 27 Superchargers in China, with a length of 3,100 miles, connecting the east and west of the country.

Tesla China has shared a video of this new route, which spans nine cities: Zhoushan, Sanmenxia, ​​Xi'an, Tianshui, Zhangye, Shanshan, Usu, Bole, and Horgos and connects the eastern coastal junction with the west, bordering Kazakhstan. In fact, this route repeats the network of trade routes, which was called the Silk Road.

The video shows the beautiful and picturesque places that Tesla owners can now visit in their cars. There are 27 Superchargers along the route, thanks to which Tesla cars will always be able to recharge and keep moving. They are located every 60-186 miles to give Tesla owners complete confidence that their vehicles will always be charged. A wide network of charging stations is a key component of the widespread use of electric vehicles.

Since China is one of the largest markets for Tesla, the company is actively building its charging stations there. To date, 28% of all Superchargers in the world are located in China, which is only 10% less than in the United States. With the Chinese government actively supporting the population's transition to electric vehicles, the company's cars are becoming increasingly popular.

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