Tesla Is Recruiting for Technical Jobs Related to Semi Production, as Major Disruption Charges Up

Tesla Is Recruiting for Technical Jobs Related to Semi Production, as Major Disruption Charges Up

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Tesla is actively preparing to start mass production of its electric semi truck, aptly named Semi. Along with the frequent appearance of new prototypes in the United States and the appointment of a new President of Heavy Trucking, the company plans to begin recruiting for several important technical positions.

Tesla investor, Sawyer Merritt—who continually shares the latest news about the company, including exclusive information—earlier this week said that Tesla will soon be announcing new vacancies in North America related to Semi Truck. According to him, Tesla's President of Heavy Trucking Jerome Guillen wants these positions to be filled in Q2.

Sawyer revealed a few more details yesterday regarding the new positions. His source said Tesla will post new jobs in the coming weeks. These will be four technical positions. Above all, the company will seek to find specialists in North America, so ads will only be posted here. If Tesla cannot find worthy candidates in North America, then vacancies will be posted in other countries.

It is reported that three of the tech jobs are in California and another in Mississauga, Canada. All technicians will be trained in the United States. Earlier it became known that the body of Semi will be built in Fremont, California, which may explain whey Tesla is looking for three specialists to work in this state.

At the moment, there is only one vacancy on the manufacturer's website related to the production of Semi and it is located in Nevada. An interesting observation is that, looking at Indeed Job postings in Canada, we managed to find information that Tesla is looking for a Chemical Operator in Mississauga, Canada. Although this position is not related to the production of Semi, it still suggests that the company intends to develop in this region.

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