Tesla Opens 1st Brick-and-Mortar Store with Showroom in Poland as European Growth Charges On

Tesla Opens 1st Brick-and-Mortar Store with Showroom in Poland as European Growth Charges On

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Tesla has opened its first brick-and-mortar store near Warsaw, Poland, which includes a showroom, delivery center, and offers the option to place an order or/and get a test drive. In a few months, the company's service center will also be opened here.

@Bartosz81047139/Twitter shared the good news: Tesla opened its first brick-and-mortar store with a showroom in Poland. The store is located in Ząbkach near Warsaw, at 334 Radzyminska Street. Previously, this was the location of the Opel dealership. The Tesla store will provide a full range of standard services. Here customers can inspect and familiarize themselves with the car, place an order, go for a test drive, or receive delivery of their car.

Tesla's signature red flags began flying in front of the building as early as late December 2020, marking the official opening of the store. According to the information provided by the store representatives, Tesla vehicles are very popular here. As soon as the company opened the order page for Poland in July 2020, hundreds of orders were immediately placed.

In addition to the store, Tesla plans to open a service center here. The service center was opened back in 2019, but will now be moved from Warsaw to Ząbkach. The access to Ząbkach is more convenient and the roads are less congested than in the capital of the country, however the close proximity to Warsaw is its main advantage.

At the end of July 2020, Tesla opened its first store in Poland, but it was a pop-up store—that is, it was not tied to a specific territory. Now the company has opened a brick-and-mortar store, thus demonstrating the seriousness of its intentions to take over the Polish auto market.

Tesla continues to expand its presence worldwide. The appearance of service centers and stores plays an important role in brand confidence. Customers will be more comfortable buying the company's products, knowing that Tesla's representatives will be able to provide them with support or advice in any situation.

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