Tesla Owners Club Taiwan Successfully Organized Drive-In Movie Night with 80+ Cars

Tesla Owners Club Taiwan Successfully Organized Drive-In Movie Night with 80+ Cars

An outbreak of coronovirus has had a dramatic effect on social activity around the world. Now all people should stay home and not make contact with others. This lifestyle is very difficult for many of us, because a person is a social being who needs to communicate.

Despite the current restrictions, people tend to spend time together, even if it is slightly different from what we are all used to. Tesla Owners Taiwan, decided to get together, but at the same time remain physically distant from each other. To do this, they decided to hold a Drive-in Movie Night.

To do this, they installed 2 large LED screens, which allowed more than 80 cars with more than 200 people to enjoy watching the movie.

The Tesla community, like the car company, is very creative and friendly. It's no secret that such clubs exist in many countries of the world, and their members are good friends to each other. Therefore, people strive to find a way for safe interaction, something that, in spite of everything, will bring them together and unite them, something that will give them positive emotions.

Simultaneously with Tesla Owners Taiwan, on May 16, the same meeting was held among the participants of Tesla Owners East Bay.

At the moment, states are easing restrictions for their citizens, but this does not mean that we can all fully return to the lifestyle that we led earlier. But this also does not mean that we can no longer get together in order to spend time together.

Drive-in Movie Night is an excellent alternative for meetings of Tesla club members, which will bring everyone together at a safe distance.

Featured image: Tesla Owners Taiwan/Twitter

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