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Tesla Owners from 11 European Countries Congratulate Elon Musk on 50th Birthday from Giga Berlin

Tesla Owners from 11 European Countries Congratulate Elon Musk on 50th Birthday from Giga Berlin

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On June 28, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, two of the world's most disruptive companies, celebrates his 50th birthday. Having earned the fame of a unique and brilliant personality, Elon Musk has a whole army of fans who support his ideas to improve the life of mankind. In order to congratulate Elon, Tesla owners from 11 European countries visited Giga Berlin, where they created a "postcard" via their cars.

Elon Musk inspires millions of people around the world with his outlook on life and has become a great role model. Achieving seemingly incredible goals, he improves the lives of all mankind, giving the opportunity for a better future. On June 28, Elon celebrates his 50th birthday and receives sincere and kind congratulations from all over the world. About 30 fans of the amazing genius from 11 European countries gathered near Giga Berlin to create something special.

On June 27, Tesla owners from all over Europe gathered to create a special video to congratulate Elon. This was a limited attendance event so as not to draw a lot of attention and crowds of other fans, which was organized by Tesla Owners Club Germany. They gathered in front of Giga Berlin and formed the number "50" from the manufacturer's electric vehicles. Lars Hendrichs of the Tesla Drivers and Friends Association told RBB24 that Tesla owners from 11 European countries gathered to show that the factory is not only for Germany but for the whole of Europe, whose residents are eagerly awaiting the start of production. The video will be sent directly to the Tesla CEO via Twitter and Youtube on Monday, Hendrichs said: "He'll see it, I'm sure."

Mikko Kurppa from Finland is fascinated by Elon: “I love everything Elon does. Whether it's cars, his thoughts on the environment or the future." Martin Wrobel from Hamburg said about Elon: “He just goes his own way because he is convinced that the path is right, and that is what I really appreciate about this man.”

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