Tesla Owners in Costa Rica Invite the Company to Officially Enter Market, Which Is an Oasis of Renewable Energy

Tesla Owners in Costa Rica Invite the Company to Officially Enter Market, Which Is an Oasis of Renewable Energy

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Tesla owners in Costa Rica merge with nature, getting almost 100% energy from renewable sources. They invite Tesla to officially enter the country's market in order to support an environmentally friendly state and its citizens.

Costa Rica is a unique country rich in flora and fauna. This place is a real paradise for nature lovers who want to live symbiotically with it. The country has an unambiguous policy and is entirely aimed at friendliness to the environment. According to the National Energy Control Center (CENCE) of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), Costa Rica could generate 98.53% of its electricity in 2022 using five renewable sources: Water, Geothermal, Wind, Biomass, and Sun.

All this makes Costa Rica an ideal place for the Tesla mission to flourish, and some citizens are already actively engaged in this. Despite the fact that there is no official representation of Tesla in the country, dozens of citizens already own cars from the Texan manufacturer. Since car sales here are unofficial, it is difficult to get accurate figures on the actual number of Tesla owners. However, according to information received by Tesmanian from the Tesla Owners Costa Rica Club, to date, their number has reached about 100. Of these, about 60 are members of the Tesla Owners Costa Rica Club, where they all help and support each other.

According to the information received, all Teslas were imported by the owners, from the USA, usually from Florida. However, due to the fact that the manufacturer does not have an official presence in Costa Rica, the owners sometimes face difficulties. For example, their car does not have official support, which means they do not have access to map navigation, remote support, access to ordering parts, repair manuals, and training. So they ask for help from Tesla.

Costa Rica Tesla owners said that their country is a great place to be home to the manufacturer's vehicles, especially given the fact that the country has great EV tax incentives. While Costa Rica is a small country, it has huge potential for growth of the Tesla business, because the local population, honoring and protecting nature, will gladly choose an electric car as their vehicle.

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