Tesla Model 3 Performance from Giga Shanghai Now Comes with Hot 19” Zero-G Wheels

by Eva Fox January 03, 2021

Tesla Model 3 Performance from Giga Shanghai Now Comes with Hot 19” Zero-G Wheels

Photo: Tesla

Wheels not only can enhance the driving experience but also complete the look. Now, owners of the new Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 Performance receive 19” Zero-G Performance Wheels complete with the vehicle.

Today, in the Chinese Model 3 configurator, Tesmanian noticed that 19" Zero-G Performance Wheels are standard on all Model 3 Performance models produced at Giga Shanghai. The 2021 refreshed Model 3 with such wheels will definitely delight their new owners.

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Previously, Zero-G Performance Wheels were only available at an additional cost by purchasing the Model 3 Track Package for $5,500. This package includes:

  • 4 x 20" X 9" Zero-G Performance wheels
  • 4 x Tesla logo center caps
  • 20 x Lug nut covers
  • 4 x 245/35ZR20 XL Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires
  • 4 x tire pressure sensors
  • 1 x front and rear high-performance brake pads
  • 1 x brake fluid replacement

With this package, owners could optimize the track performance of their Performance Upgrade Model 3. Track Package is a complete hardware package designed to give you maximum cornering force, braking performance, and high-speed stability for the best lap times. Zero-G Performance Wheels maximize the driving experience on the track.

At the moment, these wheels are only available on the Made-in-China Model 3 Performance, while the ones made in the USA are only available with 20'' Überturbine Wheels.

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