Tesla Plaid S Prototype Spotted Around Palo Alto With Redesigned Exterior Body

Tesla Plaid S Prototype Spotted Around Palo Alto With Redesigned Exterior Body

Tesla Plaid S prototype spotted around Palo Alto, CA by Twitter account Kilowatts. Redesigned exterior body noted.

Of course hints of the Plaid S body design were given during the Nurburgring Race Trials. “Tesla Plaid S, one with a clear duckbill lip spoiler on the trunk, and another with a massive rear wing. Also, note the gigantic diffuser, front fender vents, and big front splitter. The same widened fenders, wider wheels, and larger grille are still present from Tesla's previous visits 

Plaid Model S ordering was officially opened up September 24th, 2020, after the Tesla ‘Battery Day’ Event on September 22nd, 2020.

The Plaid S powertrain is about 6 months away from production & will be a tri-motor vehicle as stated by Elon.

“IT HAS 1100 HP AND DOES 0-60 MPH IN UNDER 2 SECONDS Musk announced during Tesla's "Battery Day" event in September 2020 the Model S Plaid will have a top speed of over 200 mph, run 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds, and will have a driving range of over 520 miles. The range-topping electric sedan will also be capable of running the quarter-mile in under nine seconds” — Roadandtrack.com

These of course will be supplied with the new 4680 batteries coming out of Fremont, as Elon hinted to the new batteries back in 2019.

Plaid S “ludicrous speed”, is a reference to SpaceBalls, a Mel Brooks cult classic, to which Elon loves too.

The Plaid S is sleek, S3XY and ludicrous fast. Definitely desirous.


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