Tesla Plans 84 New Supercharger Sites for Germany, Increasing Current Number by Over 50%

Tesla Plans 84 New Supercharger Sites for Germany, Increasing Current Number by Over 50%

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Tesla has planned 84 new Supercharger stations for Germany, which will increase the total by more than 50%. Among them is also the charging station for Giga Berlin, which will be available to the public.

The expansion of the Tesla Supercharger network around the world continues. Since Germany is the largest market for the company, the manufacturer pays special attention to increasing the number of charging stations here. To date, Tesla has officially opened 157 Supercharger sites here. Germany accounts for 3% of the entire existing Supercharger network, which means that the country is in fourth place in terms of the number of installed charging stations.

While Germany is already Tesla's biggest European market, the number of owners of its cars will continue to grow thanks to Giga Berlin. The fact that Tesla cars are made in Germany is important for local consumers who are increasingly turning their attention to electric vehicles. Tesla offers the best electric vehicles on the market, so buying its vehicles is an obvious choice for many.

Recently the German blog,, noticed that Tesla has added a large number of Supercharger stations in Germany. As of Wednesday, 84 new locations have been announced, many of which are located around major cities. Also, lots of Superchargers are, as usual, added along highways. For most sites, the scheduled opening date is no later than Q1 2024, however there are a few where 2024 is indicated, without specifying a specific quarter. If all these charging stations are installed, this will mean an increase of more than 50% from the current number, which is great news for local EV owners.

Tesla also wants to install a publicly available Supercharger at its Giga Berlin. There are already charging stations on the factory territory, but they are only available to the factory employees. The new Supercharger station there will be public, which means that any Tesla owner will be able to charge there and enjoy the sight of the factory that produces Tesla cars.

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