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Tesla Plans to Build a 'Production Support Area' Near Giga Texas

Tesla Plans to Build a 'Production Support Area' Near Giga Texas

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Tesla plans to further expand Giga Texas. The manufacturer has applied for a site plan for a “Production Support Area” on 68 acres of land near Giga Texas.

The size of Giga Texas is already incredibly huge, but it is clear that Tesla is planning an even bigger development near Austin. The company plans to invest more than $10 billion in the plant and create 20,000 direct and 100,000 indirect jobs, Elon Musk said late last year. Such a scale, literally and figuratively, would boost the Texas economy for years to come.

Tesla has already built the main factory building and plans to expand it later this year. In addition, a battery factory is being built on the site, as well as a permanent switchyard & BESS (battery energy storage system), which will house Tesla Megapack. New documents revealed by the Austin Business Journal indicate that the manufacturer is trying to implement a plan to build an additional facility for Giga Texas.

On July 1, the company applied for a site plan for “industrial use facilities with associated improvements” on more than 68 acres next to the factory. The application has been filed under the name “Production Support Area” and the buildings built there will be used for production, but other details have not been disclosed. According to the description, the following works will be carried out on this territory: construction, car parking, cleaning, cut/fill (which may relate to ground leveling), and spoil disposal.

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