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by Eva Fox November 06, 2019

According to Finance Sina, Tesla plans to double the number of service centers in China, increase the number of Charging Stations, by about 100, and reconstruct the exhibition hall.

“Car manufacturing at the Shanghai factory is only the first step,” said Tesla Global Vice President Tao Lin at an industrial conference in Beijing last month. “Next, we need to deliver the car to our customers and provide very good after-sales service.”

Some sources said that Tesla plans to turn some of its showrooms in China into a department store called Tesla Center, as well as a delivery and technical support venue. They said the project will be launched in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

According to Tesla's documents, Tesla plans to double the number of service centers from 29 to 63 in the coming months and increase the number of Charging Stations by 39%.

Wang Hao, general manager of Tesla China, is sure that it is very important to expand the service network to increase customer confidence. He also said that Tesla will build more Charging Stations in China at a “higher speed” next year.

Tesla operates approximately 48 showrooms in mainland China. Experts say that although Tesla may not need to have as many showrooms as its competitors, it should have more than it currently has.

Cui Dongshu, general secretary of the China Passenger Car Association, said: "Chinese consumers are ready to test cars in physical stores, so car manufacturers need to have a certain chain of stores in different places."

Recall that Tesla's sales in China rose 64% to $ 669 million.

Tesla is also expanding its sales and delivery departments in China. The job postings posted on social media show that in recent months, Tesla has held several recruitment events for sales and delivery in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

At the Tesla Service Center in Beijing, customers said that additional facilities and charging would stimulate their continued movement.


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