Tesla Posts Video of Semi on Test Track Preparing to Disrupt Yet Another Industry

Tesla Posts Video of Semi on Test Track Preparing to Disrupt Yet Another Industry

Photo: Tesla

Tesla has unveiled a new video of its Semi electric truck driving the test track in Fremont. In recent months, Tesla Semi is increasingly getting into the camera lens and is the topic of much discussion, as the company will soon be launching its production.

Today Tesla, through his official Twitter account, posted a video of Tesla Semi riding on the company's test track. About a week ago, the electric truck was already spotted by Chris Nguyen on the test track. Chris managed to capture the moment of filming for the new official Tesla video.

In the video, we see an updated version of the Tesla Semi, which was first seen in early February and which had a number of design differences.
  • The most notable change is the redesign of the truck's cab. It became lengthened and received additional side shields with windows. It seemed that this is the sleeper version. But in other photos, we could see that these are only shields, and the cab itself is not as long as it seems at first glance.
  • The front bumper of the electric truck has also undergone changes. Previously, it was ribbed, but now it only has a few graceful curves.
  • The cab step has also changed to better complement the other exterior changes.
  • The handles have a completely different shape, which seems more practical for a truck.

The fact that Tesla is paying more and more attention to Semi may indicate that the company is almost ready to start production. According to earlier reports, the Semi's body will initially be built in Fremont, California, with final assembly at Giga Nevada in 2021. Ultimately, production is slated to begin at Giga Texas by 2022. It was also reported that pilot production of the Semi will begin in July 2021 and mass production in August 2021.

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