Tesla Powerpacks Are Going in at a Hospital in Haiti to Provide Reliable & Renewable Energy

Tesla Powerpacks Are Going in at a Hospital in Haiti to Provide Reliable & Renewable Energy

Photo: Build Health International

World Hope International is working with the Wesleyan Mission in Haiti to make reliable, sustainable, and green electricity for a critical hospital in Haiti. Tesla Powerpacks will be used as energy storage solutions as they are more reliable than competitors in the industry. For now, Powerpacks continue to arrive on the island to become part of a larger solar-powered system.

Following the 2010 earthquake in Anse-à-Galets on the Haitian island of LaGonave, the new LaGonâve Wesleyan Hospital was built. The hospital received a generous donation from a donor in the form of a substantial solar system array and energy storage system. Nevertheless, after 10 years of operation in the hot conditions of Haiti, the energy storage systems have received significant wear and tear. A recent assessment found that the main controllers were still functional, but some required repair and the batteries were running at less than half capacity.

After the study, the engineers recommended repairing and modernizing the control system, as a result of which it was decided to double the number of solar panels and replace the old lead-acid batteries with Tesla Powerpacks, which are much more efficient, practically do not require maintenance, and will work better in conditions of the Caribbean heat. Thanks to all the changes, the hospital's carbon footprint will be almost completely eliminated.

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