Tesla Powerwall is now in Switzerland

Eva Fox by Eva Fox December 04, 2019

Tesla Powerwall is now in Switzerland

Switzerland becomes the fourth country in Europe to offer Powerwall.

Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a liquid thermostat. Tesla is one of the few companies in the energy storage market in homes that produces compact batteries for storing energy at home. The battery is designed to save energy for domestic use, shift load consumption, as well as backup power.

Tesla battery packs are an ideal pairing for solar panel systems, especially in the case of off-grid projects where homeowners need or want to become fully independent of their utility. A solar storage solution like the Tesla Powerwall allows you to maintain a sustained power supply during the day or night.

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Normally, this process happens over the course of a day: when the sun is high in the sky and your solar panels are producing more electricity than you can use, the surplus energy is stored in your Tesla Battery. As the sun goes down and your solar panel production decreases, you draw on the electricity that you stored during the sunniest part of the day. Essentially, the Powerwall helps you balance out your electricity production and usage over the course of the day.

This can reduce dependence on the grid, said Robert Bruchner, head of Tesla's energy department for German-speaking countries, this week in front of the media in Zurich. Because with home storage, excess solar energy can be used at night.

In addition, Powerwall provides emergency power: in the event of a power failure, electricity will be supplied from Powerwall.

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Powerwall usable capacity is 13.5 kWh, so if you have a big house, then you can install more power supplies. In total, you can install up to 10 blocks.

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