Tesla Powerwall Saves Texans from Freezing Weather & Constant Power Outages

Tesla Powerwall Saves Texans from Freezing Weather & Constant Power Outages

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Texas is experiencing an unusual winter cold season that leaves millions of people without electricity and suffering in conditions they are not used to. Most people do not have the typical "cold equipment" that other northern residents have, so the situation becomes extremely dangerous for them. Meanwhile, for those Texas residents who have Tesla Powerwall  installed, they are being saved from the cold weather and constant power outages.

Due to the fact that such weather is not typical in Texas, the state, cities, and citizens were completely unprepared for what is happening now. Due to snow and cold temperatures, among other problems, electricity is constantly being cut off, and some areas entirely lost power. People who try to heat their homes with all available means are at risk.

The Texas government blamed wind and solar power plants for the electricity shutdowns in the state, but there is no truth to that. In fact, renewable energy sources, which are for back-up use, account for only 10% of the state's energy system. In addition, windmills work without problems in colder climates, such as in Greenland. So instead, the state's problem is poor management and resource allocation.

Tesla customers who have installed Powerwall in their houses, though, are in the most favorable conditions, practically not feeling the consequences of the blizzard.

@Michelle4Texla/Twitter reports that, in two days, the electricity in the area of ​​her residence has been cut off six times. However, thanks to the installed Powerwall battery system, the house never lost power. She also stressed that her Tesla Solar Roof, despite being covered in ice and snow, continued to generate electricity.

Another Twitter user @Hey_JustTIC shared a short video (in GIF format) demonstrating that the entire neighborhood is without electricity while his house has it. The solar product on its roof and Powerwall ensured a comfortable stay, even in such difficult weather conditions.

@AustinTeslaClub/Twitter also shared a video of Tesla Powewall providing electricity to a house while other neighbors are being forced to suffer the cold in their homes without electricity.

Tesla's Powerwall technology, combined with the company's Solar Products for use in private households, is once again proving its worth. Having your own energy system can protect you from the most unpredictable situations and make you independent from the energy operator.

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