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Tesla Big Batteries Will Be Used In Zimbabwe’s Largest Mobile-Phone Operator’s Core-Network Sites & More

June 18, 2020 0 Comments

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe's largest mobile operator, plans to expand its use of Tesla batteries for its operations, in addition to providing backup power at base stations.
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Tesla Team-Up With Global Catamaran Racing Championship By Using Powerwall & Solar

June 17, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla has teamed up with global catamaran racing championship, SailGP, to help the fledgling sport’s usually diesel-fuelled mobile recharging stations switch to solar and battery storage.
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Tesla Powerwalls Will Help To Turn Swansea Bay City Into Mini Power Station

June 13, 2020 0 Comments

More than 10,000 homes in the UK could become “mini power plants” equipped with green technologies such as solar panels, heat pumps and Tesla Powerwalls.
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Tesla Achieved Another Milestone Of Installed the 100,000th Powerwall

May 01, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla, which is the leader in installing large batteries in the world, announced an important achievement in the field of home battery storage - the installation of its 100,000th Powerwall.
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Tesla Powerwall Now Approved for the Victoria Solar Battery Rebate

March 06, 2020 0 Comments

Solar Victoria is currently running a pilot battery discount program to help determine the demand and use of batteries in Victoria. In 2019-2020, 1000 discounts will be provided for up to $4,838 for a solar system. With this rebate, people can now purchase Powerwall for just $6,862.
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Tesla Powerwalls Being The Important Roles For Australian Natural Disaster Rebuild

February 22, 2020 0 Comments

Australian communities affected by the bushfires have a chance to quickly regain power to the vital communications and assistance infrastructure, thanks to a massive infusion of a tech billionaire. The projects use NSW 5B quick deployment solar technology and Tesla Powerwall batteries.
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Tesla Grid Controller Patent Reveals Direction Of Company's Energy Sector

February 17, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla’s grid controller patent may have revealed the direction the company’s energy sector will be taking. 
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Tesla Powerwall has saved an Australian over $8k in 4 years

February 06, 2020 0 Comments

The first person in Australia (and one of the first worldwide) to get a Tesla Powerwall battery storage solution, saved around $8,479.40 in electricity bills over four years of ownership.
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Tesla Solar & Powerwall Surprise Owner with Unbelievable Benefit

February 05, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy. Tesla Solar, like the Tesla electric cars, is a powerful tool to achieve this.
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Tesla's In-App Purchases Could Open The Door To Apple-level Revenues

January 31, 2020 0 Comments

Tesla's in-app purchases will play a significant role in its future because it could help the EV maker reach Apple-level revenues. Hardcore Tesla bulls predict that in-app purchases could help turn the 100-billion dollar company into a trillion-dollar one.  
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