Tesla Powerwall & Solar Panels to Launch in China Soon

Tesla Powerwall & Solar Panels to Launch in China Soon

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Tesla's home energy storage systems are a very popular solution, however these products are only available in a few limited markets. This situation seems to be changing, as Tesla Powerwall and Solar Panels are now entering the Chinese market.

Tesla currently offers Powerwall only in the US, Australian, and German markets. Another important nuance is that now the energy storage system can only be purchased complete with solar panels or a Solar Roof from the manufacturer. Now it seems Tesla is bringing Powerwall and Solar Panels to the Chinese market, which is a smart move.

@JayinShanghai/Twitter shared that Tesla will officially announce the first Powerwall and Solar Panels deployment in China on June 23 at the Tesla China Energy Storage and Charging Integration Project in Lhasa, Tibet, China. The ad images include photos of Supercharger, Powerwall, and Solar Panels.

Although Tesla Energy and Solar had not worked in the Chinese market up to this point, the recent recruitment of energy related positions hinted at a change. The company is looking for a Senior Reliability Test Engineer, Energy Storage Systems– HV Battery, whose role will be to test the performance of "residential and industrial energy batteries."

While there is currently no further information on where exactly Tesla will manufacture Powerwall and Solar Panels, it can be assumed that this may be happening at Giga Shanghai. In the USA, the manufacturer produces Powerwall at Giga Nevada, where the whole range of operations related to this takes place. Tesla may be ready at this point to start recycling batteries from old vehicles to Powerwalls. More details will become known after the official Tesla presentation on June 23.

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