Tesla Powerwalls Will Stabilize the Power Grid in Toronto, as Part of Pilot Program

Tesla Powerwalls Will Stabilize the Power Grid in Toronto, as Part of Pilot Program

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Tesla Powerwalls are stabilizing Toronto's power grid as part of a pilot program. The batteries will be charged during off-peak hours, returning energy to the grid during peak hours.

NRStor, in partnership with Enbridge, Toronto Hydro and MPower Solutions, announced a pilot program in Toronto Canada that will use Tesla Powerwalls (via Drive Tesla). Eligible homeowners in parts of Toronto will be able to access reliable backup power during power outages, better manage peak electricity consumption, and monitor energy consumption in real-time. The subscription price is $29.99/month on a 10-year rental, plus a one-time connection charge of $1,500.

MPOWER Energy Solutions will manage the installation and operation of Tesla Powerwall batteries in homes. The battery will be charged with cheaper electricity during off-peak periods and use the stored energy during peak hours to directly benefit the local power grid. The company guarantees:

  • Owners will receive alerts in the event of a power outage.
  • The battery will provide a seamless backup power supply for essential appliances and devices in the owners' homes.
  • Owners will be able to monitor home energy use in real-time on their phones from anywhere.
  • The owners could benefit from a reduction in their peak electricity bill.

To become a member of this program:

  • Customer’s home must be located in the Spadina and College area, generally understood to be the area between Bloor Street West, Roxton Road, Dundas Street West, and University Avenue in Toronto, Ontario;
  • Customer must be the owner of a detached or semi-detached house (apartment and condominium units are not eligible);
  • Customer must have 200 Amp electrical service and an adequate internet connection;
  • Customer must have a clear wall space in the basement, garage, or main floor (preferably close to electrical panel) that is approximately 6ft high, 8 ft wide, which is easily accessible.

The Tesla Powerwall is the ideal battery for this kind of project. It is an intelligent battery system that stores energy when it is needed, providing uninterrupted home power backup, real-time home energy usage monitoring, and peak household power consumption reduction without any lifestyle changes.

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