Tesla Is Likely Preparing to Open a Store in Cambodia, Pictures Suggest

Tesla Is Likely Preparing to Open a Store in Cambodia, Pictures Suggest

Photo: Tesla Cambodia/Facebook

In an effort to make Tesla vehicles available worldwide, the company began to look to countries with more modest markets. It is likely that Tesla is preparing to open its first store in Cambodia, as the first images of the building have already appeared on the Internet.

Recently, a photo of a building in Cambodia appeared on the Internet, which bore the words "Tesla" in the company's signature font and style. This photo was shared by Tesla Cambodia on Facebook, inviting everyone to take a look at it together. According to the Google tag, the store is located in the capital of the country at 164, Russian Federation Blvd. (110), Phnom Penh. Previously, this place was home to a Nissan dealership.

Another Facebook user, Tra, also shared a photo of Tesla's new store, which is expected to open here soon. It seems that there is active work going on and re-equipment of the building for the needs of the company. Considering that with the advent of the company's factory in China, it became much easier for Tesla to enter the markets of Asian countries, the appearance of the manufacturer's store in Cambodia is not too unexpected.

In the technological circles of Cambodia in the summer of 2020, there were rumors that Tesla intended to enter the country's market, however there was no evidence of this. The appearance of this Tesla-inscribed building came as a bit of a surprise to everyone, though, since no action had previously been taken by the company or the Cambodian government that became known to the general public. However, there is always the possibility that all negotiations and discussions could have been held behind closed doors and not spread to the media. As of yet, no order page for Cambodia has been added on the company's website.

This is an evolving story, so stay tuned to Tesmanian.

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