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Tesla Giga Berlin Installs 2nd Bridge Crane for Giga Presses, Another Step Towards Mid-2021 Production

Tesla Giga Berlin Installs 2nd Bridge Crane for Giga Presses, Another Step Towards Mid-2021 Production

Photos: BANG Kransysteme GmbH & Co. KG/LinkedIn

Tesla has installed a second bridge crane for Giga Presses at the Casting Shop, indicating further progress towards the start of the production in mid-2021.

The construction of Tesla Giga Berlin is progressing at a consistently rapid pace. Since the shell of the building is almost complete, the main focus is on the interior work, installation of equipment and even testing of some of the production processes, for which Tesla received separate permits.

In the future, Casting Shop will house eight giant casting machines—the so-called Giga Press—for major Model Y production parts. In mid-November, it was noticed that the installation of the bridge crane had begun over the row of Giga Press future locations to the south. Unlike mobile or construction cranes, bridge cranes are typically used for either manufacturing or maintenance, where efficiency or downtime are critical factors. Tesla now uses them to assemble Giga Presses, but later on they will be used in production at the Casting Shop.

Two days ago, BANG Kransysteme GmbH & Co. KG said it had installed a bridge crane for Tesla in Giga Berlin. According to the photographs, it was also installed above the southern row of die casting machines and was added to the existing one. Thus, Tesla already has two bridge cranes in the Casting Shop.

According to the company's report on LinkedIn, the installation took five days, and after the bridge crane was approved for operation, it immediately began work, namely on the assembly of Giga Press. BANG indicated that the crane has a lifting capacity of 100 tonnes on the main hoist and 60 tonnes on the auxiliary hoist. The company has also confirmed that the double-beam bridge crane will be used in the casting field—"the heart of the Tesla production site in Brandenburg."

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