Tesla Started Delivering Model Y with Hardware 4

Tesla Started Delivering Model Y with Hardware 4

Image: @BLKMDL3/Twitter

Tesla started delivering Model Y with Hardware 4. A customer of the company found several vehicles with distinctive red HW4 cameras that provide excellent resolution.

Tesla has likely started shipping Model Y vehicles equipped with hardware 4 (HW4). This is an improved version of Tesla's autonomous driving hardware, and is great news for customers. The news was originally reported by Not a Tesla and later confirmed by Twitter user @BLKMDL3. He found several Model Y cars, which were fitted with the distinctive red HW4 cameras, in a delivery lot.

Rumors about updated hardware have been around for a long time. It was expected to have a more powerful computer board, added connections for extra cameras, an updated GPS module, and possibly a return to radar. Tesla itself has not made any official announcements about the release of vehicles equipped with the HW4. It seems the company has begun a silent rollout of the updated vehicles without an official announcement.

In March, according to a post by a Tesla car owner on Reddit, it was revealed that the company had begun rolling out Model X with HW4. The owner shared several photos showing the HW4's cameras, which appear to have been positioned in the same way as its predecessors. However, they featured a larger lens. In addition, HW4 offers a resolution of 5 MP, while HW3 had 1.3 MP.

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