Tesla Quietly Delivered Dozens of Model S & X in Germany in November

Tesla Quietly Delivered Dozens of Model S & X in Germany in November

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Tesla quietly delivered dozens of Model S and Model X in Germany in November. While there have been no reports from private customers, Model S vehicles have been seen on numerous occasions in Germany, and on the roads and Superchargers of other countries.

Today, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamtes (KBA) released German car sales results for November. While everyone was mostly paying attention to the number of Model 3 and Model Y deliveries, Tesmanian noticed something interesting. The data showed that Tesla sold dozens of Model S and Model X in the country. On the list of registrations, we can see that the manufacturer sold 35 Model X and 106 Model S. Obviously, these are new cars, but it remains unclear whether they are the Plaid version or the Long Range. According to information from the company's local stores, Tesla planned to mainly deliver Plaid versions, but Long Range deliveries in 2022 were also planned.

An examination of the posts on the local TFF forum showed that none of the members reported having received delivery, and the earliest delivery date was only set for early December. However, one member reported seeing a Model S Plaid with Munich numbers in Munich in November. Another member reported seeing two white Model S Plaid in Switzerland. In addition, the cars have also been seen earlier in Germany and the Netherlands.

At the moment, the situation remains unclear, but the cars listed as sold in Germany cannot be units for stores. In addition, it seems that Tesla would like to hold official events on the occasion of the delivery of new vehicles to Europe. At the moment, the most likely option seems to be that these could be cars delivered to company employees in Europe.

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