Tesla Raises Prices for Model 3 & Y Amid Global Problems with Supply of Auto Components

by Eva Fox October 06, 2021

Tesla Raises Prices for Model 3 & Y Amid Global Problems with Supply of Auto Components

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Tesla has raised prices for its Model 3 and Model Y as demand significantly outstrips supply, and as global supply problems for chips and other components continue to persist.

Tesla has raised the prices of its cars again. Despite the fact that the manufacturer tries to sell electric vehicles at the lowest possible prices, it still faces global problems that it cannot solve. This leads to the fact that the cost of car production continues to rise, and customers accordingly also receive higher prices for their purchases.

The Model 3 Standard Range rose $2,000 to $41,990, while the Performance price rose $1,000 to $57,990. Model Y Long Range and Performance are now $1,000 more at $54,990 and $61,990, respectively. This is not the first price hike this year, although Tesla is trying to keep pricing as low as possible.

A shortage of chips in the automotive industry has hindered timely production and delayed deliveries, although Tesla has shown excellent performance throughout the first nine months of this year. In such a challenging manufacturing environment, Tesla demonstrates its virtuosity by handling the challenges in industry best among automakers. It is currently unknown what awaits the manufacturer and the automotive industry in 4Q 2021, however Tesla has shown that it can bring pleasant surprises to its customers and investors.

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