Tesla is Ramping up Made-in-China Model 3: Shanghai Gigafactory 3’s parking lot is overflowing [Video]

Tesla is Ramping up Made-in-China Model 3: Shanghai Gigafactory 3’s parking lot is overflowing [Video]

The first deliveries of the made-in-China Tesla Model 3, will begin on Monday. Cars roll off the assembly line at the new Tesla factory in Shanghai, which is in working condition, but which will also expand in the future thanks to new injections in local funding.

The construction of the Shanghai Gigafactory began only at the beginning of this year, and the time of its implementation in terms of construction and production of cars is impressive. Model 3 cars built in China will provide lower prices than imported cars, as cars produced in the country are exempt from 10% of the tax levied on imported cars. Made-in-China Model 3, also receives government purchase incentive of up to $ 3,600 per car, which should lead to even greater sales growth.

At the moment, according to Jason Young’s video of December 27, the parking lot around Gigafactory 3 is overflowing Model 3s, we can see more than 700 vehicles.

Sorce: Jason Young/YouTube

It seems that Tesla is preparing for mass deliveries. It seems that the vehicles in the factory are produced faster than they have time to send. The first mass delivery is scheduled for late January. Orders for Model 3 have already been accepted for more than a month. On the day when it became possible to order made-in-China Model 3, orders were received every minute, Tesla didn't disclose their quantity.

Shanghai Tesla Factory is its first manufacturing facility outside the country.

Tesla plans to increase production to 1,000 cars per week by the end of the year with a potential increase of up to 3,000 cars per week. Tax breaks and incentives contributed to a significant increase in demand for Model 3 in China in 2019, so any progress in domestic production will inevitably help boost global car sales.

Chinese authorities support Tesla for its technical excellence and brand strength. They believe this is encouraging Chinese consumers to buy more electric cars. The Shanghai venture is a huge mutual advantage for both Tesla and the Chinese authorities.



Featured image: Jason Young/YouTube

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