Australia Expects 4 Cargo Ships With Tesla Model 3

Australia Expects 4 Cargo Ships With Tesla Model 3

Tesla is gradually increasing the supply of its cars. This time, Tesla is preparing for another increase in Model 3 shipments in Australia at the end of the quarter. At the moment, four more cargo ships should arrive there before the end of 2019.

The cost of model 3 in Australia, based on the country's economic policy, starts at $ 67,900. Thanks to this approach, Australia is gaining the glory of a country that is globally lagging behind in the transition to clean transport.

The latest data on the Tesla Model 3 show a positive trend. Residents of Australia have an unprecedented interest in the Tesla Model 3.

According to The Driven, from mid-August to mid-September, a total of 2,414 Model 3 Tesla arrived in Australia on three cargo ships. At the same time, BMW sold a total of 1860 cars during this period, and Audi - 1365 cars.

The introduction of Model 3 has probably doubled the number of electric vehicles on the road in Australia since its arrival in August, when several thousand Model 3s first arrived in Australia.

According to Tesla ship tracker  VedaPrime, which tracks the entrances and exits of vessels heading to Australia from the California port of Auckland, from the beginning of November to the end of December, eight vessels should arrive in Australia. Six of them are carriers of the Tesla Model 3, and their capacity is up to 800 cars per ship!
Two out of six have already arrived in Sydney, and Model 3 is now on board a vehicle bound for Melbourne

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Some customers who ordered Model 3 Performance in October received notifications from Tesla that shipments would be delayed until early 2020. 4 out of 10 cars ordered were with Performance. Tesla Model 3 Performance costs about $ 100,000 (including all costs).

According to an unofficial survey conducted by Australian Tesla owners, Model 3 arriving before the end of the year is likely to be Standard Range Plus and Long Range.

The same survey showed that 7 out of 10 orders have not yet been completed by Tesla. However, the arrival of a new influx of Model 3s will surely delight many customers who have been patiently waiting for their Model 3s.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get accurate data on how much Tesla is sold in Australia, because the automaker does not report local sales data to the Federal Automobile Chamber, and state registration authorities do not publish registration data in a transparent form.

In any case, the data provided by Driven shows us that the Tesla Model 3 is extremely popular among Australians. And this is not at all surprising, all Tesla products have excellent features. Tesla is a trendsetter and inspiration for other automotive companies such as Ford, for example. 

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