Tesla Reaches Production Capacity of 42 Megapacks & 6,500+ Powerwalls per Week

Tesla Reaches Production Capacity of 42 Megapacks & 6,500+ Powerwalls per Week

Tesla Megapack. Photo: Tesla

Tesla has reached a production capacity of 42 Megapacks per week and will increase its total production rate by 85% in Q3. In addition, the company has achieved a production capacity of over 6,500 Powerwalls per week.

Giga Nevada recently hosted a staff meeting at which the factory management, led by the newly appointed senior director of vehicle operations and manufacturing engineering at Tesla, Hrushikesh (Hrushi) Sagar, spoke. During the meeting, the audio recording of which was received by CNBC, many of the manufacturer's recent achievements were discussed.

Energy storage systems such as Megapack and Powerwall are among Tesla's key areas of focus, as stationary energy storage systems are one of the pillars of a sustainable future. That is why the company seeks to increase the production of these products. Speaking at a meeting in Nevada, Tesla's Energy Leader, Matt Reddick, said the company can now produce 42 Megapacks a week, which is great news. This means that the annual capacity has increased to 2,190 units per year, which will help accelerate the deployment of projects seeking to stabilize the energy grid and/or provide energy from renewable energy sources.

In addition, Reddick said that thanks to increased production capacity, Tesla plans to produce 442 Megapacks in Q3 2022. If the company manages to meet the target, it will mean an increase in production by 85% compared to Q2. It should be noted that in the last quarter, Tesla experienced difficulties due to supply chain problems caused by the lockdown in China.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer has yet another achievement in its energy division. According to the Site Leader, Eric Montgomery, Giga Nevada has reached a production capacity of over 6,500 Powerwalls per week. He said the factory produced 37,600 Powerwalls in Q2 and plans to achieve a 22% increase, to 45,870 units in Q3. The increase in production will likely make it possible to sell the home energy storage system separately from the company's solar products.

Previously, Tesla Powerwall could only be purchased by customers who also installed solar panels or a Solar Roof. The rule was introduced after Powerwall faced huge demand and customers buying the company's solar products were given priority. However, it is likely that with supply chains getting better and manufacturing capacity increasing, Powerwall could be available for order separately from the solar system by the end of this year, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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