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Tesla Hits New Milestone: Installs 6,000th Supercharger Stall in China

Tesla Hits New Milestone: Installs 6,000th Supercharger Stall in China

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Tesla has reached another milestone in China by installing 6,000 Supercharger stalls. There are now over 760 branded charging stations covering 300+ cities located in mainland China to further enhance the Tesla ownership experience.

Tesla in China is facing unprecedented growth in demand for its vehicles. Customers are buying them very quickly, and about 150,000 Chinese-made Model 3s have already appeared on the roads of the country. This is why Tesla is putting a lot of effort into building out the Supercharger network.

By the end of 2020, Tesla had built more than 600 Superchargers in China. The EV maker set out to double this rollout rate in 2021, and appears to be on track. On January 10, the company opened its 5,000th Supercharging stall in mainland China. And yet, just two months later, Tesla announced a new achievement: the opening of the 6000th stall.

Thus, during this period, the number of stalls has increased by 20% and 760 Supercharger stations are now located in more than 300 cities throughout China. Tesla is looking to expand its charging infrastructure as soon as possible in 2021 to increase customer confidence that they can charge their vehicle anywhere in the country.

Part of Tesla's plan is a new charger factory, which was opened in early February as the first batch of V3 piles rolled off the assembly line. China's own charger factory will help boost Tesla's charging network there. Having a wide network of charging stations is one of the most important criteria when choosing an electric vehicle, which will not only attract even more customers, but also give the company an exceptional competitive advantage in the New Energy Vehicle market.

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